Final Shot - Pictures Don’t Lie

Last fall, I came across a post on an Internet site that included 50 or so photos taken at the 2019 Westy Hogans tournament at Elysburg. They were taken as fairly close-ups of many different shooters in the process of shooting by someone with very good shutterbug skills, and I was amazed at the number of obviously ill-fitting guns that were captured in action, many caught during the shot was exiting or having just exited the muzzle. To say it was remarkable is putting it mildly. I wish I could take pictures like that!

Final Shot

What’s the Best Choke?
I am asked and see that question asked on Internet discussion forums quite often, and it’s actually harder to answer than the age-old 7½s or 8s question. Although I’ve addressed this topic in previous columns, I feel it deserves a rerun, but the first thing we should understand is exactly how a choke works.

Final Shot - Getting Started

For someone interested in starting out in clay target shooting, there are a lot of wrong and a few correct paths to follow. Over my early years, I strolled down both kinds, and perhaps some advice based upon that experience will be helpful.

Final Shot - Release Triggers

But first, this opening tirade. I am writing this as the nation is recovering from the horrific mass murders in Las Vegas. While we might know what prompted Stephen Paddock to shoot all those people by the time you read this issue, we can hope learning that might help prevent another such massacre. Meanwhile, we can only express condolences for the victims and their families. Of course, the print and television media are clamoring for gun control (again) and while it might seem logical to assume readers of this magazine are not in favor of such legislation, the impact of Mr.