Final Shot - Release Triggers

But first, this opening tirade. I am writing this as the nation is recovering from the horrific mass murders in Las Vegas. While we might know what prompted Stephen Paddock to shoot all those people by the time you read this issue, we can hope learning that might help prevent another such massacre. Meanwhile, we can only express condolences for the victims and their families. Of course, the print and television media are clamoring for gun control (again) and while it might seem logical to assume readers of this magazine are not in favor of such legislation, the impact of Mr.

2017 NSCA Nationals Report

To say the 2017 NSCA National Sporting Clays Championships was a success would be a grand understatement. Even though Mother Nature threw some nasty winds in the faces of the hardened competitors on one of the days, this did not deter their spirit one iota. They kept right on breaking some target presentations that were pushing the inside of the ballistics envelope even before the wind. These same targets were beyond ridiculous when the wind came up.

CSP Bore Micrometer

When I have the opportunity to write a review on a shotgun, one of the areas of information I like to include is the choke constriction as it relates to the bore size of the shotgun in question. After all the years I have been involved with smoothbores, it still amazes me how many shooters do not understand or actually comprehend that choke value is only determined when the bore size is known. So many gun owners think all they need to know is the size of the muzzle exit. Somehow they do not get it that you must have the internal diameter of the bore as well as the I.D.

The Cosmic Cowboys

I began shooting registered skeet in 1989, and the Cosmic Cowboys had already made their mark and gone their separate ways by the time I started.

On the 40th anniversary of the inception of the Cosmic Cowboys, it seems only fitting we travel back in time and recall the famous five and recap a little about who they were and what they accomplished.

Know Your Shotshells

Federal Gold Medal Grand

Each year’s SHOT Show visit promises more than a few days respite from the clutching grip of winter. It brings with it an opportunity to see a broad array of new things: guns, ammo, reloading equipment, cartridges and assorted components and tools designed to make life a little bit better. And, occasionally, a surprise.

Gun Test > New Blaser F16 Grand Luxe and Heritage

In 2004 the competition clay target aficionados of the U.S. began seeing a new kid on the block in the form of a new, low profile over/under from a German company previously known for its high-performance rifles. Blaser of Isny, Germany, began to export their innovative over/under shotgun known as the F3.

Mental Training, The Eyes Have It

What you see is what you get.”
—Old Saying

The vast majority of competition shooters are, well, old. By old, I mean 40 or older, and this is important because one of the problems that occurs at this time in our lives is that our vision starts to fade.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Legacy

Many sportsmen consider President Theodore Roosevelt the father of our modern conservation movement. At a minimum, he was our first Conservation President, and one of the most influential in developing federal programs to preserve our forests, game habitat and all wildlife species. Like all of us, he loved the great outdoors and cherished his time afield harvesting our panoply of game animals which dotted the American landscape at the turn of the 20th century.

Mental Training > Prospective Hindsight

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

—Robert Burns

While doing research for a book I am writing, I came across a number of papers that studied how people prepare for projects or develop business plans. There were a lot of good ideas offered, but one of the most interesting things I found out is a lot of businesses are failures in spite of good plans and good execution of those plans.

Skeet Hoopla

Clay target shooting has many disciplines. Among them are American Skeet, International Skeet, ATA, PITA and Olympic Trap, Helice, Sporting Clays, Crazy Quail, Powder Pigeon and others. People who shoot these various disciplines do so because they like the way the various games are played. I believe their preferences stem from the unpredictability of the target presentations while others emulate hunting situations.