Mastering Sporting Clays


With so many instructors of sporting clays making claim to teaching the newest and/or best method for achieving higher, more consistent scores, it is often difficult to determine what is best for you. Clarity is what Don Currie, the NSCA's Chief Instructor, provides in his new book, Mastering Sporting Clays. Don's clear, concise and easy-to-absorb instructions are supported by his detailed descriptions of the fundamentals as well as the advanced techniques of sporting clays.

All the critical elements from eye dominance to proper gun fit to learning how to self-analyze your misses are discussed in detail. Whether you are a Master Class competitor, a casual shooter, avid upland bird hunter or novice sporting clays enthusiast, Mastering Sporting Clays will start you on the right path to fulfilling your potential in the sport.
Hard cover. 221 pages.

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Break ‘em All


Break ‘em All
The Complete Guide to Fixing Clay Target Shooting Problems

B.J. McDaniel & Mark H. Taylor are both long-time coaches for USA Shooting teams.  Instead of taking a how-to approach to breaking targets, this book focuses on correcting and eliminating common problems which prevent shooters from hitting every clay target they shoot at.  The fundamentals of shotgun shooting are broken down into five basic components: position, mount, vision, movement and psychology. 

For each error, the questions are asked and answered:  How do I know if I am doing it?  What can I do to prevent this from happening again?  Focusing on how to self-diagnose common shooting problems and solutions you can easily put to use. 
Soft cover, 216 pages
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John M. Browning - American Gunmaker


by John Browning & Curt Gentry. Details the incredible life of John M. Browning, the world’s greatest gun inventor. Includes pictures of every gun he invented with full description and chronological history. Hard cover, 390 pages.



Insight To Sports, Featuring Trap, 4th Edition


by Dr. Wayne F. Martin, O.D. One of the most sought-after books by trap and skeet shooters.

Improving your eyesight performance and learning how to see targets quicker are just a part of what this great book  will teach you.

Soft cover, 183 pages.


Mental Training For The Shotgun Sports

$25.95 $18.95

by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. Good shooting is 90% mental and 10% equipment! Comprehensive book on what it takes to consistently win. From the popular column in Shotgun Sports magazine. Will guide you to increased enjoyment and higher scores. Soft cover, 160 pages.

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Don Currie > Book and DVD Combo

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Don Currie’s Target Tactics for Sporting Clays - DVD
$69.95 -- 90 Minutes

Mastering Sporting Clays - Book
$29.95 -- Hard cover. 221 pages.

$99.90 Total Value — now only $85.90
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