Don Currie’s Target Tactics for Sporting Clays


Does your technique result in hits on most of the targets you face but certain presentations keep eluding you? Let Don Currie, Chief Instructor for the NSCA, show you how to achieve that next level in your sporting clays game. It is very difficult to reach your potential using just one target lead technique. Just like the pros, you must train and incorporate other techniques. Don teaches you the seven target tactics you need to hit those problem targets. These tactics are demonstrated on Long Crossers, Quartering Shots, Rabbits, Battues, Chandelles, Tower Shots, True Pairs, Report Pairs and many more presentations.

See shots from Don’s point of view behind the gun with Sunrise Production’s Eye-Cam®. This exciting new DVD will provide you with all the tools you need to win in sporting clays.
90 Minutes

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Break ‘em All


Break ‘em All
The Complete Guide to Fixing Clay Target Shooting Problems

B.J. McDaniel & Mark H. Taylor are both long-time coaches for USA Shooting teams.  Instead of taking a how-to approach to breaking targets, this book focuses on correcting and eliminating common problems which prevent shooters from hitting every clay target they shoot at.  The fundamentals of shotgun shooting are broken down into five basic components: position, mount, vision, movement and psychology. 

For each error, the questions are asked and answered:  How do I know if I am doing it?  What can I do to prevent this from happening again?  Focusing on how to self-diagnose common shooting problems and solutions you can easily put to use. 
Soft cover, 216 pages
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Brass Choke Gauge


Superb one-piece gauge that accurately measures the choke of 12,16,20,28 gauge and .410 bore guns.  Precision brass construction with bore choking clearly indicated for each gauge. 

Easy to use and read. 
5” long, weight 3.6 ounces.

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Handicap Pouch


Popular combo pouch holds one box of live 12-gauge shells in the top and 2 extras in shell loops on either side of box. Also, 100 empties in the spring-locked bottom compartment. Easy to fill and empty. Made of rip-stop nylon and heavy-duty mesh. Heavy-duty nylon web belt loop keeps it secured to your belt. Black only.

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OFFEYE(TM) - Optical Filters


Shoot with both eyes open. These optical filters help you maintain a dominant strong-side shooting eye without having to close your weak-side eye when shooting. Works with right-handed or left-handed shooters.

Filters are removable and reusable.
Fits all types of eye protection.  

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Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mat


This roll-up, portable cleaning mat is designed to keep your work area tidy and your gun protected while you clean your shotgun, rifle or handgun. A durable waxed-cotton interior, internal padding for protection and abrasion-resistant backer help keep your messes contained. Roll-snap closures for convenient portability.

Size: 16"H x 53"W

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Angled Cleaning Brushes


Getting into those hard-to-reach corners and tight areas when cleaning your gun is no longer a problem. These Angled Cleaning Brushes make cleaning the crud out of corners and notches a cinch. They reach into places straight-handled brushes can't.

Three styles of bristles: stainless for use on hard metals and bronze and nylon for more sensitive surfaces.

Shotshell Dismantler - NEW!!


Salvage the powder,wad and shot from your shell in just seconds with this sturdy, handmade, maple, easy-to-use Shotshell Dismantler. 12 gauge only. Comes with blade and instructions. Pays for itself in no time!

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