Jon Kruger - Sporting Clays Legend

Jon Kruger Looks At How The Game Has Changed

Although you may not have seen him on the podium at major shoots in the past few years, Jon Kruger remains one of the legends of sporting clays.

Kruger was the first shooter inducted into the National Sporting Clays Association Hall of Fame in 1998.

American Field Sporting

“Less Rules. More Fun.”

A new clay target game is gaining in popularity across the country because it has all the fun and challenge of other games, but a lot less formality and fewer rules. American Field Sporting (AFS) was introduced in 2020 and added to the portfolio of games sanctioned by the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA). Since then, AFS events have been held across the United States and in several other countries.

John Woolley - Legend on Two Continents

In the world of sporting clays, there are Master Class shooters — shooters who have won a number of events and are at the top of the game. There are Champions — shooters who have won their state championships, as well as regional and national championship events.

And then there are Legends

Keeping Clubs Open — One Curtain At A Time

It’s an all too familiar story. A small local shooting club has been operating at the same location for more years than the members can remember. They’ve used the same two or four trap-and-skeet fields for that entire time. The shooters have enjoyed being able to shoot at a familiar club close to home.