Mental Training > How Talent Works

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” —H.L. Mencken

One of the most frustrating things to me about discussing performance is the thought that all anyone has to do to get to the top of anything is to work harder than the next person. The next most annoying thing is to have people tell me the reason why this happens is the person in question has “talent” that can’t be duplicated by the speaker and there is no need to work hard because it won’t help.

What Features Are Most Important For Your Shotgun?

Almost every day on one of the online shotgun shooting chat rooms someone posts the question about which gun to purchase, and this post usually receives a significant amount of responses from all readers. However, truth-be-told, most shooters select a shotgun based on these primary factors: price, features (such as adjustable comb and rib or the number and variety of choke tubes) and availability.

Mental Training > Inborn Errors

“We are all products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” —Pastor Rick Warren

When I was in college, I was exposed to a math problem called the “Birthday Paradox” which showed if you randomly selected 23 people there would be a 50% chance two of them would have the same birthday. If you chose 70 people, the chances were almost 100%.

How Do I Improve My Second Shot Recovery?

If you were to figure up all of the different kinds of missed targets you have ever fired on, which kind of shot would it be? Would it be the first shot of a skeet round? The first shot on a single Rabbit target? Maybe it is the first target of a pair or the second target of a pair. Aha! I thought so! All of my friends and acquaintances have far and away (myself included) missed more second shots on most kinds of doubles in all the years we have been shooting clay birds and live birds, too.

Embrace Your Gun for Better Control

If you have read many gun reviews on any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, I am sure you have read the standard factory stock that comes with a shotgun or rifle is designed with dimensions intended to fit “Joe Average”. Well, you probably have also learned that Joe Average doesn’t exist and just about everyone gets a gun that does not fit them. Subsequently, the newbie shooters with new guns are always taking shots with little chance of success.

Benefits of Having a Regular Squad

This year is my 30th year of competitive skeet shooting.

When I first started skeet shooting, not only did I not have a regular squad, I was so new to the game I did not know any of the regular competitors. Naturally, the longer I shot, the more competitive shooters I became acquainted with.

Would a Custom-Fitted Gun Really Work Better For You?

Every month from April to October, I hold an introductory shotgun clinic for individuals new to the clay target disciplines. A large majority of the individuals taking this clinic are people who do not own, and have never shot, a shotgun. Therefore, in order to take the clinic they rent a shotgun from the range. The shotguns the range rents are standard off-the-shelf field over/under shotguns. These shotguns come with industry standard stock dimensions which are meant to fit all shooters.

Mental Training > Stage Fright

“In my opinion the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on the stage and play.” —Taylor Swift

Recently I asked a friend of mine, a well-known bluegrass musician, if he ever suffered from stage fright. His answer surprised me when he told me early in his career he was unable to get on stage without having a near panic attack. Eventually, he overcame this problem and what helped him most was the advice of a mentor. He has stuck to it ever since.

Bad Weather Can Make You Better

Let me start this article off by describing a situation I recently encountered which was the catalyst behind this topic. I arrived at the shotgun range on a day which was extremely windy. Like most shotgun ranges, there were the “regulars” there shooting trap, skeet and sporting clays. However, they were not shooting, they were sitting in the clubhouse complaining about the rounds they shot earlier that day and the low scores they posted as a result of the wind.