Briley Helix Hunter Chokes

Tough Field Testing in the Louisiana Bayou

A week of pattern work at Backridge Ammunition Tennessee, another week in western South Dakota of the same and additional pattern work got the new Briley high-performance Helix hunting chokes up and running for the big swamp test series that would last almost 10 days.

Sandhill Crane Hunt

I was offered a hunt by the Pros at Benelli USA and Franchi to introduce two new offerings available for late 2019 in Lubbock, Texas, baiting me with a chance at Sandhill Cranes and upland birds for a real test drive under the usual dryland conditions out in the South Plain area of west Texas. Never one to pass a first look, I selfishly accepted.

Final Shot - Pictures Don’t Lie

Last fall, I came across a post on an Internet site that included 50 or so photos taken at the 2019 Westy Hogans tournament at Elysburg. They were taken as fairly close-ups of many different shooters in the process of shooting by someone with very good shutterbug skills, and I was amazed at the number of obviously ill-fitting guns that were captured in action, many caught during the shot was exiting or having just exited the muzzle. To say it was remarkable is putting it mildly. I wish I could take pictures like that!

Benelli Super Black Eagle III

When the Super Black Eagle III by Benelli came out in a special turkey configuration, I thought, “Just another high-priced scattergun that would do about as well as several dozen others.”

However, my mind changed when

Final Shot

What’s the Best Choke?
I am asked and see that question asked on Internet discussion forums quite often, and it’s actually harder to answer than the age-old 7½s or 8s question. Although I’ve addressed this topic in previous columns, I feel it deserves a rerun, but the first thing we should understand is exactly how a choke works.

Know Your Reloads

Going the Distance: Extended-Range 12-Gauge Target Loads
It’s an inevitable scenario: the sporting clays course has a simultaneous pair in which one target is nearly out of range before a shot can be taken at it or the head-scratching clay that begins and ends its journey at considerable distance. Regardless of the presentation, my response is the same

Mental Training > Confirmation Bias

“The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism.”

—Sir William Osler

Now that I have started shooting sporting clays again, I’ve noticed that while I am getting better, I continue to make many of the same mistakes. My friend Dave has pointed them out to me, and we discuss the “right way” to take a shot afterwards. However, in the heat of things, I don’t seem to listen to my own advice.

How To Fix Shooting Slumps

It needs to be clearly understood by all shooters that there is no proven fix, cure or shortcut guaranteed to end a shooting slump. Over the years I have spoken to, and worked with, countless shooters who have shared with me what they did to eventually put an end to the shooting slump they found themselves in.