Final Shot

What’s the Best Choke?
I am asked and see that question asked on Internet discussion forums quite often, and it’s actually harder to answer than the age-old 7½s or 8s question. Although I’ve addressed this topic in previous columns, I feel it deserves a rerun, but the first thing we should understand is exactly how a choke works.

Know Your Reloads

Going the Distance: Extended-Range 12-Gauge Target Loads
It’s an inevitable scenario: the sporting clays course has a simultaneous pair in which one target is nearly out of range before a shot can be taken at it or the head-scratching clay that begins and ends its journey at considerable distance. Regardless of the presentation, my response is the same

Mental Training > Confirmation Bias

“The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism.”

—Sir William Osler

Now that I have started shooting sporting clays again, I’ve noticed that while I am getting better, I continue to make many of the same mistakes. My friend Dave has pointed them out to me, and we discuss the “right way” to take a shot afterwards. However, in the heat of things, I don’t seem to listen to my own advice.

How To Fix Shooting Slumps

It needs to be clearly understood by all shooters that there is no proven fix, cure or shortcut guaranteed to end a shooting slump. Over the years I have spoken to, and worked with, countless shooters who have shared with me what they did to eventually put an end to the shooting slump they found themselves in.

Mental Training > Just Gotta Have Fun

Fun, fun, fun (now that daddy took the T-Bird away).”

—Beach Boys, 1964

My wife and I recently moved to Victor, New York, a town south of Rochester near several gun clubs. This is very important to me because as most of you know, New York state is not particularly gun friendly — it takes a year to get a pistol permit. But in this part of New York, there are a lot of shotgun shooters and I feel very welcome.

Waterfowl Odyssey — Part 1 of 2

Crossing 2,000 miles and three states on a hunting trip that illustrated skill requirements of a well-rounded shotgunner.

For many years Shotgun Sports has been a primary publication when it comes to illustrating skill sets necessary when taking on all manner of clay bird targets. Learning to take out clay birds by reducing them to dust within a solid core pattern can help you develop into a much better wing shot.

Mental Training > How Talent Works

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” —H.L. Mencken

One of the most frustrating things to me about discussing performance is the thought that all anyone has to do to get to the top of anything is to work harder than the next person. The next most annoying thing is to have people tell me the reason why this happens is the person in question has “talent” that can’t be duplicated by the speaker and there is no need to work hard because it won’t help.

What Features Are Most Important For Your Shotgun?

Almost every day on one of the online shotgun shooting chat rooms someone posts the question about which gun to purchase, and this post usually receives a significant amount of responses from all readers. However, truth-be-told, most shooters select a shotgun based on these primary factors: price, features (such as adjustable comb and rib or the number and variety of choke tubes) and availability.