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According to one source, there are over 8,000 competitive sports defined as activities that require physical activity and are competitive. Of these, a number have players that don’t directly oppose one another but they all play at the same time to the same set of rules. Among those sports are golf, archery, equestrian sports and shooting.


The members of the Order had finished their routine Saturday morning, two rounds of Skeet, a round of 16-yard Singles and a round of 5-Stand. Most had used several guns, and some were quite different from each other. Sonny had a 20-gauge O/U for Skeet, a 16-gauge Model 12 for 5-Stand, and his 12-gauge Model 12 for trap. The Major had a .410 double for Skeet, an over/under for 5-Stand, and his sometimes magical 1100 Trap gun. Topper had a 28-gauge double for Skeet, a 20-gauge O/U for 5-Stand and a fancy Italian auto looking somewhat like a sports car for Trap.

John Woolley - Legend on Two Continents

In the world of sporting clays, there are Master Class shooters — shooters who have won a number of events and are at the top of the game. There are Champions — shooters who have won their state championships, as well as regional and national championship events.

And then there are Legends

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“Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like!”

—Rocky the Flying Squirrel

I’ve written about squirrels in the past, mostly to point out they tend to make poor decisions when subjected to extreme stress, but this time it is different.

John M. Browning American Gunmaker - Part II

Part Two - The Son

Ogden, Utah, John Moses Browning’s birthplace, had its beginnings as a backwater fed by the swelling stream of immigration that followed Brigham Young’s trail of 1847. Its growth was encouraged by fertile soil and abundant water. In 1850, two years before Jonathan Browning and his family arrived and five years before John Moses was born, the settlement was surveyed, planted and officially named after Peter Skene Ogden.

New Stuff

The Plastic Lumber Store, LLC is now offering a variety of outdoor specialized furniture for the shooting industry. All made from 100% recycled plastic and designed to last for generations in all kinds of weather. No need to move them for winter or even paint them.

Keeping Clubs Open — One Curtain At A Time

It’s an all too familiar story. A small local shooting club has been operating at the same location for more years than the members can remember. They’ve used the same two or four trap-and-skeet fields for that entire time. The shooters have enjoyed being able to shoot at a familiar club close to home.

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“A coach is someone who gives correction without causing resentment.” —John Wooden

My friend Dave is a rabid Buffalo Bills fan. By rabid, I mean he never listens to logic or accepts that the Packers are the greatest team in the history of the NFL. Maybe I am prejudiced, but I think logic should prevail.

Ways to Resolve the Dreaded Flinch

Does this scenario sound familiar? You started shooting clay targets about a dozen or so years ago, and your desire to improve has made you a very competent shooter. On most days you can hang in there with the most-skilled competitors and, every once in while, you come out on top. Then all of a sudden one day you go to shoot an easy straight-away target, and your mind will not let your finger pull the trigger. You shake that off as a fluke occurrence and finish shooting the rest of the day without it happening again.

Gun Review — Savage Arms Renegauge

Savage Arms introduced its first semi-automatic shotgun, and it’s a dandy.   

  At a time when I thought Savage Arms was as rock solid as can be, to my surprise I learn the company was sold to a couple of independent buyers who are now revamping the entire rifle and shotgun line. The new owners acquired a manufacturing company that had just completely retooled the firearm production floor. Now with brand new equipment, tighter tolerances, fit and finish, capabilities are better than ever. Savage Arms has tasked me to review an example of the new Savage Arms Renegauge semi-auto loading shotgun.