Briley Helix Hunter Chokes

Tough Field Testing in the Louisiana Bayou

A week of pattern work at Backridge Ammunition Tennessee, another week in western South Dakota of the same and additional pattern work got the new Briley high-performance Helix hunting chokes up and running for the big swamp test series that would last almost 10 days.

Benelli Super Black Eagle III

When the Super Black Eagle III by Benelli came out in a special turkey configuration, I thought, “Just another high-priced scattergun that would do about as well as several dozen others.”

However, my mind changed when

Waterfowl Odyssey — Part 1 of 2

Crossing 2,000 miles and three states on a hunting trip that illustrated skill requirements of a well-rounded shotgunner.

For many years Shotgun Sports has been a primary publication when it comes to illustrating skill sets necessary when taking on all manner of clay bird targets. Learning to take out clay birds by reducing them to dust within a solid core pattern can help you develop into a much better wing shot.

Low-Recoil Hunting Loads - Can They Work?

For some 20 years to date, I have been working with and developing loads specifically designed to shoot quietly and at the same time recoil less as they become useful training ammunition for new shooters, injured shooters and even heart patients.

The first role of these loads is to provide subsonic performance for my longstanding, quiet shooting Metro Gun Systems™. It was at that time the industry had a bright idea to start offering my basic Metro Quiet Gun Systems™ as training ammunition to police departments and clay target shooters.

Backridge Ammunition’s ITX Non-Toxic Shot

Test and evaluation hunts covering new products come in many packages, but in this case some former U.S. Army combat vets out of the 101st Airborne and active Special Operations soldiers helped take a brand new non-toxic shot type for 2018 to the wall, or better said, to the lake for testing.