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Rapid Safe Shotgun Wall Lock

$289.00 $199.95

RFID activated by wristband, key fob, decal, or keypad.  (All included along with AC power cord). 
Works with AC or four AA batteries (not included). 
Housing is made of 14-gaugue steel. 

Pre-mounted drill holes for easy installation. 
Installs horizontal or vertical 
Fits most 12- & 20-gauge shotguns with side ejection port. 
Do not ever store loaded firearms in any safe. 


Nickeled Muzzle Stopper

$25.00 $10.95

Ideal tool for storing a shotgun.  Prevents debris from getting in the barrels. 

Specify 12GA or 20/28 GA


Closeouts, Other Gear

Box Leather Carrier


1 or 2 box of shells carrier PLUS spare shell loops ! 
Attaches with two heavy duty belt clips. Quality Burgundy leather.


Brown only.

Two Box Carrier - sold out!
Single Box in stock.

See-Thru Snap Caps

$7.95 $3.95

Clever item. Spring-loaded brass primer absorbs thousands of dry-firings. Built to last; each is made of high-tech plastic and brass. Order several sets (2 per set). Not recommended for semiautomatics.
Specify 12, 20 or .410 gauge
Made in Italy

.410 ONLY now on closeouts at $3.95 pair

Closeouts, Snap Caps