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STOS Pinpoint Lubricant


Great for getting into tight spots! Pinpoint application of STOS lubricant (Clear formula) guarantees smooth performance of your guns. 10cc dispenser.

12 or more $7.95


STOS Lubricant - Clear formula is back!


A superior, stick-to-metal lubricant for all your fine shotguns! Goes on smooth and keeps those incredibly close-tolerance metal-to-metal surfaces coated and protected. Comes in a 2-ounce wide-mouthed container.

12 or more $9.95

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Krieghoff Gun Glide


A specially formulated grease intended for use on friction areas of firearms such as the connecting and joining areas of over/unders, pivot pins, hinge pins and locking bolts. 

More for your money in the new, larger 1.76 oz. tube.

Sorry, Unavailable at this time.