Three Things A New Shooter Must Know

At the two ranges I teach at in the Denver area, I spend a lot of time walking up and down the trap line and wandering throughout the sporting clays course talking to people I know and making friends with people I do not know. I will gladly offer a suggestion or two when I see individuals struggling, and I know just a minor tweak or two will help them hit more targets.

Instruction, Coaching or a Clinic: What's Right For Me?

Most all clay target shooters contemplate getting some type of assistance with the objective of increasing their shooting performance. This assistance can come in the form of instruction, coaching or attending a clinic. Which of these a shooter decides to engage in is dependent on many factors, including the learning style of the shooter and the resources a shooter is willing to dedicate to this. However, the most important factor a shooter should consider when looking for instruction, coaching or attending a clinic is what that shooter desires to get out of it.

Training vs. Practice

I am sure if you ask ten people what the difference is between “training” and “practice” in sport, over half will probably tell you they are the same, and the remainder will all provide different definitions. However, training and practice are different. To become extremely proficient in any sport, an athlete needs to do both.