Mental Training > Sit Up Straight!

By adopting a certain physical posture, a resonant chord is struck in spirit.” —Bruce Lee

By now, many of you have figured out I am a musician. I have used this experience to illustrate some of the principles of mental training since not only has a lot of the research into performance been done with musicians, but it is a good way to explain issues as most of you are familiar with what musicians do.

Talking with Sporting Clays Champion Cory Kruse

There are shooters, and there are great shooters and then there are shooters extraordinaire. The young man you are about to hear from is one of the rare individuals of the extraordinaire kind.

Cory Kruse is a two-time NSCA Nationals Main Event Champion winning his first title in 2003 and then again in 2012. In 2018 Cory won the NSCA U.S. Open Championship. There are too many other championship titles in Cory’s voluminous resumé to list here, but check out the sidebar to this story.

2018 Grand American Trapshoot Highlights

The World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, hosted the 2018 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships from August 1-11. The tournament had once again as its Signature Sponsors Bill and LeeAnn Martin. Bill and LeeAnn continue to show their love and generous support of registered trapshooting. Thank you, Bill and LeeAnn. The 2018 Grand American Championships have concluded, and if there is one word to describe them, that word would be historic.

Instruction, Coaching or a Clinic: What's Right For Me?

Most all clay target shooters contemplate getting some type of assistance with the objective of increasing their shooting performance. This assistance can come in the form of instruction, coaching or attending a clinic. Which of these a shooter decides to engage in is dependent on many factors, including the learning style of the shooter and the resources a shooter is willing to dedicate to this. However, the most important factor a shooter should consider when looking for instruction, coaching or attending a clinic is what that shooter desires to get out of it.

Interview with Terry Hetrick

Interview with Terry Hetrick of Double Guns of Nashville

In April of 2016 a new high-end gun store opened its doors in the heart of Nashville, TN. This new exclusive shop which offers such renown names of Blaser, Cosmi, Giulio Bernardelli, Verney-Carron, Rigby, Mauser, Krieghoff and Zoli, to name but a few, is Double Guns of Nashville. The proprietors are Terry Hetrick and Barry Rich.

The Grid

The Grid—A training field intended to emulate challenging sporting clays targets

Many gun clubs today have multiple clay target venues, such as skeet, trap and sporting clays. The larger clubs may have additional venues such as Olympic/Bunker Trap, Helice, 5-Stand and possibly even Powder Pigeon.

Mental Training > Trust Your Gut

“I've never gone wrong trusting my gut.”
—Dwayne Johnson

Do you remember in high school when you took those multiple choice tests and managed to eliminate two of the four answers and then picked the one that sounded best to you? And then you changed your mind only to find the first one was the right answer? Even though your teachers all said to go with the first thing that came to your mind?

Joe Hiestand - Legend and Champion

Joe Hiestand is someone many of our present day shooters — including many readers of this magazine — know very little about or have never heard of him. In my opinion, he was quite an interesting person and his story is a very important part of trapshooting history. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to write this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy telling the story.