Embrace Your Gun for Better Control

If you have read many gun reviews on any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, I am sure you have read the standard factory stock that comes with a shotgun or rifle is designed with dimensions intended to fit “Joe Average”. Well, you probably have also learned that Joe Average doesn’t exist and just about everyone gets a gun that does not fit them. Subsequently, the newbie shooters with new guns are always taking shots with little chance of success.

Talking with Sporting Clays Champion Cory Kruse

There are shooters, and there are great shooters and then there are shooters extraordinaire. The young man you are about to hear from is one of the rare individuals of the extraordinaire kind.

Cory Kruse is a two-time NSCA Nationals Main Event Champion winning his first title in 2003 and then again in 2012. In 2018 Cory won the NSCA U.S. Open Championship. There are too many other championship titles in Cory’s voluminous resumé to list here, but check out the sidebar to this story.

2018 Grand American Trapshoot Highlights

The World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, hosted the 2018 Grand American World Trapshooting Championships from August 1-11. The tournament had once again as its Signature Sponsors Bill and LeeAnn Martin. Bill and LeeAnn continue to show their love and generous support of registered trapshooting. Thank you, Bill and LeeAnn. The 2018 Grand American Championships have concluded, and if there is one word to describe them, that word would be historic.

Interview with Terry Hetrick

Interview with Terry Hetrick of Double Guns of Nashville

In April of 2016 a new high-end gun store opened its doors in the heart of Nashville, TN. This new exclusive shop which offers such renown names of Blaser, Cosmi, Giulio Bernardelli, Verney-Carron, Rigby, Mauser, Krieghoff and Zoli, to name but a few, is Double Guns of Nashville. The proprietors are Terry Hetrick and Barry Rich.

2017 NSCA Nationals Report

To say the 2017 NSCA National Sporting Clays Championships was a success would be a grand understatement. Even though Mother Nature threw some nasty winds in the faces of the hardened competitors on one of the days, this did not deter their spirit one iota. They kept right on breaking some target presentations that were pushing the inside of the ballistics envelope even before the wind. These same targets were beyond ridiculous when the wind came up.

CSP Bore Micrometer

When I have the opportunity to write a review on a shotgun, one of the areas of information I like to include is the choke constriction as it relates to the bore size of the shotgun in question. After all the years I have been involved with smoothbores, it still amazes me how many shooters do not understand or actually comprehend that choke value is only determined when the bore size is known. So many gun owners think all they need to know is the size of the muzzle exit. Somehow they do not get it that you must have the internal diameter of the bore as well as the I.D.

Gun Test > New Blaser F16 Grand Luxe and Heritage

In 2004 the competition clay target aficionados of the U.S. began seeing a new kid on the block in the form of a new, low profile over/under from a German company previously known for its high-performance rifles. Blaser of Isny, Germany, began to export their innovative over/under shotgun known as the F3.

Fabarm L4S Sporting

Like a lot of shooters who participate in the clay target games, I will often shoot with over/unders some days and semi-auto shotguns other days. I thoroughly enjoy shooting my over/unders. They fit me well, are comfortable to shoot (primarily because they do fit me), are attractive and, admittedly, there is a level of pride I feel when shooting an over/under. But, if I had to be brutally honest, and someone asked me which design I shoot better, I would have to say the semi-autos. Why is that?

Gun Test - Fabarm Axis Allsport

At the recent 2017 SHOT Show, Fabarm, the Italian gunmaker known for their unique flair in the design and appearance of their firearms, debuted a new model over/under shotgun that is gathering considerable attention. Officially, the full moniker of this new model is the Fabarm Axis Allsport QRR (Quick Release Rib). However, for the sake of saving ink, in this review we will call it the Axis Allsport.

Gun TEST - Mossberg International SA-20

Probably the one question I have been asked more than any other has to do with what design and gauge of shotgun I would recommend when trying to get someone started in shotgun shooting, in particular, a young person with little or no experience in shotgunning. Better than 80% of the time, my suggestion is a soft-shooting, semi-automatic in 20 gauge. The rest of that response normally includes the names of Beretta, Winchester, Remington or Benelli as the gunmakers who can help you along your way if you follow my suggestion.

Gun Test - Perazzi Ribless Game Gun

While attending the NSCA Nationals in San Antonio, Texas, in October of last year, I took a few moments to visit the Perazzi building. I was greeted by Perazzi USA’s Managing Director, Al Kondak. We spoke for a few moments, and I asked what new item he might have we could review. He took but a moment to consider his choices. Then Al showed me what I thought was a unique looking over/under. I held it in my hands for a better look and something about it just looked a bit…off. Aha! There was no ventilated rib atop the barrels. Hmm. What’s the deal?

Gun Test - SYREN Tempio Trap Combo

Syren, a division of Caesar Guerini, the Italian gunmaking firm, continues in its production of over/under shotguns designed specifically for women. The latest model in the line of Syren offerings is aimed to attract the female trap enthusiast, the Syren Tempio Trap Combo.

Gun Test - Mossberg 930 Sporting

The buttstock and forearm of Mossberg’s new 930 Sporting are made of American walnut. Color is medium brown with good, strong grain. It’s not likely you will ever see one of these stocks or forearms crack under the stresses of normal use. The areas of the wood typically checkered are laser-etched with what I would call a stippled effect, sort of thousands of tiny, shallow craters. This effect works rather well, as I had no trouble holding onto the 930 Sporting under recoil or even with slightly sweaty hands. A 1” medium-soft, black rubber recoil pad is mounted on the rear of the buttstock.

As for the trigger group of the 930 Sporting, I found my test sample’s sear initially broke at just under 6 pounds. However, with just a few boxes of shells, it broke consistently afterward at just over 5 pounds. This might seem like a heavy trigger, but while take-up was a bit longish, it was smooth and offered no hitches that proved detrimental to the feel or consistency of the trigger. One feature I liked was the cocking indicator housed within the trigger guard. The indicator is a small pin that protrudes when the hammer is cocked and sits virtually hidden within the trigger housing when the hammer is uncocked.